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Farewell to Cut, Copy, and Paste Inventor Larry Tesler

An Apple, Xerox, Amazon, Yahoo, and 23AndMe alum—and an early researcher in the field of artificial intelligence—Larry Tesler may not be as well-known as early computing icons like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Steve Wozniak, but his impact on the industry remains important today. Tesler popularized the tools cut, copy, and paste while working on Xerox PARC’s mouse-driven user interface—specifically an app within it called …

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The Future Perfect’s Casa Perfect Los Angeles 3.0

An untouched architectural gem from 1971 transformed into a showcase for contemporary design A walk up the pathway to LA’s new Casa Perfect—an architecturally stunning showroom for art and design gallery The Future Perfect—hints at what will be inside. Lush foliage, with both California and Japanese influences, leads to a massive ’70s-style front door, crafted from elegant dark wood. Push one of the large vertical …

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LomoChrome Metropolis Reloadable Film Camera

Lomography’s preloaded “disposable” camera looks and functions like a simple, convenience store option—and can fit in a pocket, too—but it produces better and arguably more interesting photos. With LomoChrome Metropolis ISO 100-400 film inside, shots will tend toward the grungier and more contrasty end of the analog spectrum. Once you’re finished with this film pack, the camera can be refilled with any of Lomography’s 35mm …

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Bomb-Sniffing Cyborg Grasshoppers

Dogs and even pigs have long been heralded as having the ultimate snout—one capable of detecting bombs, drugs, truffles, and even human beings through thick brush and dense soil. But, courtesy of a bit of high-tech engineering, cyborg grasshoppers may be the ultimate nose after all. Researchers at the University of Missouri inserted electrodes into the antennal lobes of each grasshopper (the “brain” of the …

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CW&T’s Clever Solid State Watch

Housed inside a permanent resin case, the watch features no buttons or knobs and can never be adjusted Funding on Kickstarter now and already beyond its goal, Brooklyn studio CW&T‘s Solid State Watch emphasizes the fact that the passing of time is one of life’s few constants. Using the “guts” of a Casio F-91W watch, Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy (CW&T’s founders) construct a timepiece …

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HeGifts.com - Today’s Steals (2.19.2020): Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans – 71% Off ++

The Hometown Issue

Travel and food magazine Fifty Grande addresses the various scenes—both small and large in scale—across the US, encouraging readers to enjoy the nation’s domestic and culinary grandeur. For its first issue, the focus lies on hometowns. But, to introduce readers to the magazine’s particular lens, it all begins with a thesis statement of sorts: “How do you begin a fresh exploration of the United States …

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HeGifts.com - John Wick’s Ford Mustang Mach 1 Coupe

John Wick’s Ford Mustang Mach 1 Coupe

Keanu Reeves is a time traveler, hacker, chosen one and the star of two of the best movie fight scenes of all time, or at least the characters he plays are. His assassin alter ego…       Related StoriesThis Volvo XC60 T8 Is Made With Recycled Ocean Plastic and Fishing Nets1988 Italdesign AztecBall and Buck Custom Jeep Program 

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HeGifts.com - The Brick Bar LEGO Pop-Up Bar Is Coming to Cities across the U.S.

The Brick Bar LEGO Pop-Up Bar Is Coming to Cities across the U.S.

We’ve seen pop-up bars for all of our favorite TV shows, movies and comic books, so why not have one for one of our favorite childhood toys? That’s where the Brick Bar comes in. This…       Related StoriesCRAFTY+ Is the Smart and Powerful Dry Herb Vaporizer from GermanyThe World’s Largest Whisky Collection Is Now for Sale by the BottleGet a Full Set of Crystal Old Fashioned Glasses for More Than Half Off 

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The Weeknd: After Hours

The Weeknd’s new six-minute single, “After Hours,” the title track off his forthcoming album, combines three separate acts: an ambient beginning reminiscent of the artist’s earlier works; a strobing, ballad-blending middle that references sub-genre singles by producers like Attlas and Lane 8; and an ending that interpolates Gesaffelstein’s “Opr.” Roaring synths carry the track to its peak—a moment that marks The Weeknd’s strongest vocal delivery, …

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HeGifts.com - Stay near Hawaii’s Volcano National Park at This Airbnb

Stay near Hawaii’s Volcano National Park at This Airbnb

As you might have already guessed by now, we’re huge fans of off-the-grid rentals that allow you to retreat to far off lands in style. When it comes to those kind of destinations, you can’t…       Related StoriesTree Houses en AcreSky HausLola.com Is Business Travel Made Easy 

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HeGifts.com - This Volvo XC60 T8 Is Made With Recycled Ocean Plastic and Fishing Nets

This Volvo XC60 T8 Is Made With Recycled Ocean Plastic and Fishing Nets

You’ve been bragging about your sustainably sourced flip flops. Well, Volvo is here to outdo you and then some with its earth-friendly poster child. This XC60 T8 Hybrid premium crossover is showcasing Volvo’s new approach…       Related Stories1988 Italdesign AztecBall and Buck Custom Jeep ProgramBMW x Futura 2000 Limited Edition M2 

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HeGifts.com - 1988 Italdesign Aztec

1988 Italdesign Aztec

When a car as unique as the Aztec goes up for sale, we take notice. It might not be a vintage Ferrari, but it is nonetheless special. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and built back in…       Related StoriesThis Volvo XC60 T8 Is Made With Recycled Ocean Plastic and Fishing NetsBall and Buck Custom Jeep ProgramBMW x Futura 2000 Limited Edition M2 

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HeGifts.com - Filson x Westland Distillery Coldfoot Whiskey

Filson x Westland Distillery Coldfoot Whiskey

Instead of a rugged Filson product you can wear or carry, how about one you can drink on a chilly winter’s eve? The American outdoor apparel brand just collaborated with Seattle’s Westland Distillery to create…       Related StoriesLodge Cast Iron Breakfast Skillet‘Printing Money’ Visualizes How Fast You Earn a DollarA-Frame Tent House 

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Inside the Red Wing Shoes Repair Shop

The heritage brand's Minnesota factory gives footwear further life It is exceedingly rare in American manufacturing to find a domestic, vertically-integrated facility, especially in the world of footwear. So maybe it’s the novelty and singularity, or maybe it’s the tanning chemicals, but stepping into the Red Wing Shoes factory in Red Wing, Minnesota is a head-spinning experience akin to simultaneously stepping back in time, and …

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Light Roast Instant Coffee

Waka Coffee contradicts the expectations of instant coffee by employing a freeze-drying process that preserves the natural flavors in each bean. This particular coffee comes from 100% Arabica beans, sourced from India and hit with a light roast that imparts notes of dark chocolate and smooth hazelnut. Made in seconds, by mixing hot water with the crystalized beans, this coffee proves nearly indistinguishable from machine-made …

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Assembly-Free “Origami” Furniture

Degrees of Freedom carefully designs and produces assembly-free furniture and decor. Helmed by former Space X engineer Brian Ignaut, the ingenious brand’s pieces unfold into legs, and then require a mere rotation before they can be used. Right now, Ignaut builds the prototypes himself, which drives prices up for consumers. But, his goal is to get the final cost to something more affordable. Considering the …

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Levi’s Vintage Clothing Recreates a 1975 Soapbox Derby

Organized by SFMOMA, the original event raised funds for the museum Levi’s Vintage Clothing, a subset of the larger apparel manufacturer, relies on past styles, textiles, and trends as their source material. Each season, or for each special release, the design team surveys the brand’s rich history for storylines or moments pertinent to today. For their Spring/Summer 2020 campaign, they recreated a 1975 Soapbox Derby …

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HeGifts.com - The Weekend Agenda

The Weekend Agenda

Every Friday we’ll get you hooked up with some solid weekend plans. These are the things we think you should watch, read or do over the next few days.       Related StoriesThe Sunday HangoverThursday Link RoundupWednesday Link Roundup 

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The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos

Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while tattooing fingernails on a man that lost the tips of two fingers in a construction accident, he realized the restorative power of a new medium dubbed paramedical tattooing. Since, he’s tattooed discolored or …

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Papooz: Figs and Gorgonzola

French dance-pop duo Papooz (composed of rhythm guitarist Armand Penicaut and vocalist/lead guitarist Ulysse Cottin) returns with “Figs and Gorgonzola,” a laid back and charming tale of love. The comfortably catchy single follows up the group’s well-received 2019 album release, Night Sketches. Papooz will embark upon a North American tour starting 18 February in Brooklyn.

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25th Anniversary Citizen Medal Messenger

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Chrome Industries has released a collection of limited-edition colorways for their iconic Citizen Medal Messenger bag: Old School, Glitter, Checkered Flag, and Neon Splatter. Referencing styles passed and biking motifs of yesteryear, these playful, high-performing bags celebrate the technically-inclined and design-savvy brand. Our personal favorite, Gold Glitter, adds a pop of color to an otherwise all-black bag designed to carry …

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King Krule: Cellular

Well-known for his rap-sung dystopian, surf-rock tunes, King Krule (aka Archy Ivan Marshall) released a new single that doesn’t deviate from his signature style but offers something undeniably different too. Within, there are moments of expansion and ascension. Krule doesn’t make his vocal presence known until the one-minute mark, when he drops his anticipated cadence. The accompanying visual treatment, animated and directed by Jamie Wolfe, …

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HeGifts.com - ‘Printing Money’ Visualizes How Fast You Earn a Dollar

‘Printing Money’ Visualizes How Fast You Earn a Dollar

Neal Agarwal is a Computer Science geek and data visualization specialist that has never known a statistic he couldn’t make interesting. His latest project is called “Printing Money,” and it’s a scrolling visualization of the…       Related StoriesA-Frame Tent HouseLodge Cast Iron Breakfast SkilletTrashBot Automatically Sorts Your Recycling for You 

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HeGifts.com - Today’s Steals (2.18.2020): Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket – 40% Off ++
HeGifts.com - Lodge Cast Iron Breakfast Skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Breakfast Skillet

There are few pieces of hardware as essential in the kitchen as a good cast iron skillet. While there certainly plenty of cast iron skillets that will last a lifetime, Lodge cast iron has always…       Related StoriesTrashBot Automatically Sorts Your Recycling for YouTubmarine Wood-Fired Hot TubFugu Geodesic Dome Cabins 

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HeGifts.com - Get up to 65% off Almost 4,000 Items during the Current Nordstrom Sale

Get up to 65% off Almost 4,000 Items during the Current Nordstrom Sale

Nordstrom just kicked off another sale with up to 65% off almost 4,000 different men’s items. While there might not be quite as many items on sale as one of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sales, the…       Related StoriesGet up to 80% off during Huckberry’s Winter Clearance SaleEinstein’s Levi’s JacketSpinnaker Piccard Dive Watch 

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HeGifts.com - BMW x Futura 2000 Limited Edition M2

BMW x Futura 2000 Limited Edition M2

Lichtenstein. Warhol. Rauschenberg. Hockney. Koons. All famous artists that any fan would travel the world to see the iconic works of, and also all incredible artists that have lent their talent to the creation of…       Related Stories“Ellaspede EB882” 1982 BMW R100RTThe 1,750 Horsepower 2020 SSC TuataraNikola Badger Hydrogen/Electric Pickup Truck 

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HeGifts.com - A-Frame Tent House

A-Frame Tent House

When it comes to architectural building styles that can be done a zillion different ways, there are few better base designs than the a-frame. It can be used for writer’s retreats, off-the-grid cabins or, in…       Related StoriesFugu Geodesic Dome CabinsLodge Cast Iron Breakfast SkilletTrashBot Automatically Sorts Your Recycling for You 

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HeGifts.com - Ball and Buck Custom Jeep Program

Ball and Buck Custom Jeep Program

If you’re a fan of Ball and Buck men’s apparel and accessories, you might want to take a serious look at their thematically consistent restored and modified Jeeps. The outfitter parntered with Kyle Smith of…       Related StoriesBMW x Futura 2000 Limited Edition M2The 1,750 Horsepower 2020 SSC TuataraNikola Badger Hydrogen/Electric Pickup Truck 

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Interview: FUTURA’s Decades of Kinetic Art + Meaningful Collaborations

From the "BREAK" train in the '80s to today's BMW M2, the artist's work continues to move people In 1980, a subway car sped through the Bronx completely covered in the work of Futura (the pseudonym of graffiti writer Lenny McGurr, formerly Futura 2000). It was another breakthrough for the artist—and the art form, as it was an exploration of unmatched proportions, all the while …

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Tangerine Aubergine Dyed Socks

Featuring a hand-drawn, anatomical pattern in pops of orange and red, these tie-dye “Tangerine Aubergine” socks from Al’s Big Deal were designed using the batik method (which employs resistant wax, meant to create vivid contrast). Available in two sizes (regular and large), each black bamboo/rayon sock may be subtly different, due to the one-by-one dyeing process.  

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Highlights From 2020’s Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

From sustainable materials to cheerful colorways, uplifting standouts from this year's event If this year’s installment of Stockholm Design Week and the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair are anything to go by, 2020 will be a memorable one. After a few years of pretty austere shapes, colors and offerings (no doubt tied to our collective feelings about the state of the Western world), it now …

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U.S. Girls: 4 American Dollars

A playful tune about the perils of living in our money-driven society, “4 American Dollars” by U.S. Girls (aka Meghan Remy) features poignant lyrics about the inner workings of our economy and Remy’s bank balance: “In this world where they say: ‘It’s not personal, it’s business’ / Moving numbers from account to account / Keeping secrets in an offshore fount / My money is quick to count / I …

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A Formafantasma-Designed Exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum

For the Rijksmuseum’s current exhibition, Caravaggio-Bernini. Baroque in Rome, the Netherlands-based multidisciplinary design duo Formafantasma produced the striking exhibit space. Using muted shades of blue, yellow, peach and pink; traditional textiles from Kvadrat; and an overall simple presentation, the studio emphasizes the 70 paintings and sculptures (by Caravaggio, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and a handful of others) against the beautiful setting. See more of the exhibition …

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Scandinavia’s Successful Education Model

Favoring a more comprehensive educational model that emphasizes humanistic and technical training, studies conclude that Nordic nations raise citizens that are intelligent (in the traditional sense), more internally aware, prideful for their nation, and capable of viewing a situation from another’s eyes. Governments in countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway aim to make “lifelong learning a part of the natural fabric of society,” and it …

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HeGifts.com - Yadav Is the Future of Diamond Jewelry

Yadav Is the Future of Diamond Jewelry

Body: People have been using diamond jewelry to say “I love you,” for years. But if you’ve ever taken a gander at the selection of diamonds out there, you know not all of them are…       Related Storiesadidas Craig Green Kontuur SneakersGet up to 80% off during Huckberry’s Winter Clearance SaleEinstein’s Levi’s Jacket 

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The North Face’s City-Ready SS20 Black Series Collection

Fusing streetwear with superior function, this release signals a foray into fashion-centric design The North Face has always focused on the outdoor space first and foremost. In fact, their technical garments are some of the most capable and innovative on the market and their long history of high-demand collaborations (Maison Margiela, Supreme, and Brain Dead among others) and successful original concepts (Purple Label, Summit Series, …

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HeGifts.com - CRAFTY+ Is the Smart and Powerful Dry Herb Vaporizer from Germany

CRAFTY+ Is the Smart and Powerful Dry Herb Vaporizer from Germany

When it comes to vaporizers, there are plenty of different options on the market… but none of them perform quite like the  CRAFTY+ from STORZ & BICKEL. This pocket-friendly device is not only known for…       Related StoriesThe World’s Largest Whisky Collection Is Now for Sale by the BottleGet a Full Set of Crystal Old Fashioned Glasses for More Than Half OffIt’s Official–Dunkaroos Are Coming Back This Summer 

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Word of Mouth: Nashville

Tennessee's capital appeals for more than its music, neon signs and cowboy boots Part of the appeal of Tennessee’s capital city lies in its ability to retain its storied history as a lively, talent-rich musical destination while also thriving as a bustling metropolis of cultural institutions, worthy accommodation, excellent dining and more. Nashville has experienced significant growth over the past two decades, but plenty of …

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Factory Visit: Italy’s Beloved Flexform Furniture

A glimpse at how the multi-generational, family-owned brand makes their sophisticated, strong yet supple pieces Flexform‘s furniture is angled but flexile, strong but supple, robust but comfortable, tenacious but delicate. These seemingly opposing traits work in perfect harmony through the Italian brand’s many creations. In fact, their philosophy—to combine comfort with sophisticated aesthetics—is within the name Flexform itself: a portmanteau of “flexible” and “form.” Founded …

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HeGifts.com - The Sunday Hangover

The Sunday Hangover

It’s been a rough couple of nights. Get a greasy sandwich and give your brain a rest. It’s time to kick back with some of our favorite videos and visuals from the past week.       Related StoriesThe Weekend AgendaThursday Link RoundupWednesday Link Roundup 

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Stockholm Design Week: The Archive Exhibition

Gloriously subtle and sophisticated objects made by Japanese and Danish designers At this year’s Stockholm Design Week, Japanese studios Ariake and 2016/Arita collaborated with Danish design houses LE KLINT and Friends and Founders to present the standout The Archive exhibition—a reflection of just how well their respective design aesthetics complement each other. The exhibition, curated by Hanna Nova Beatrice and styled by Annaleena Leino, was …

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Space Engineer Justine Haupt’s DIY Rotary Cell Phone

In an attempt to remedy the harm of an always-on lifestyle, Brookhaven National Laboratory astronomy instrumentation engineer Justine Haupt stripped a mobile phone down to its essentials in order to assemble her handheld rotary cellphone. For the DIY invention, three years in the making, Haupt paired a rotary mechanism from an old Trimline telephone with a microcontroller and Adafruit Fona 3G cell transceiver. She then …

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Kelis: Kaleidoscope 20th Anniversary Edition

20 years ago, Kelis released her game-changing debut record Kaleidoscope—an album that synthesized countless genres and dismissed all rules of R&B and pop music. With cosmic sound effects and Middle Eastern influences (among others), the production was done by The Neptunes, while Kelis bounced from rich, smoky jazzy vocals on one track, to whispering on another, and wailing and screaming on the next. This limited …

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Tame Impala: Is It True

From Tame Impala’s newest album, The Slow Rush, “Is It True” spotlights the band’s affection for funk-inspired bass lines and percussion. Strutting and sultry, the track’s instrumental sets the scene for frontman Kevin Parker’s love song: “We started talkin’ ’bout devotion / The kind that goes on eternally / And I tell her I’m in love with her / But, how can I know that I’ll …

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HeGifts.com - Gertent Blends Old School Design with Modern Tech to Create the Perfect Adventure Tent

Gertent Blends Old School Design with Modern Tech to Create the Perfect Adventure Tent

If you want a tent that can comfortably house up to eight people with enough room for everyone to stand, you don’t need any futuristic technology because history shows that our ancestors made that possible…       Related StoriesGerber LineDriver Fishing MultiToolLifeFuels Smart Nutrition BottleSnowrider Dirt Bike Kit 

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HeGifts.com - Today’s Steals (2.14.2020): Schick Hydro 5 Electric Shaver Bundle – 50% Off ++
HeGifts.com - “Ellaspede EB882” 1982 BMW R100RT

“Ellaspede EB882” 1982 BMW R100RT

The buyer of the original base bike, a vintage BMW R100RT, was inspired to do a custom build that he would keep, cherish, and ride for years. What was once viewed as a bit of…       Related StoriesVoodoo Garage BMW R100RS “Prometheus”Harley-Davidson Celebrates the Fat Boy with a New Limited-Edition MotorcycleThe 1,750 Horsepower 2020 SSC Tuatara 

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HeGifts.com - TrashBot Automatically Sorts Your Recycling for You

TrashBot Automatically Sorts Your Recycling for You

Depending on the climate you live in, taking out the trash is either a momentary second though or the worst decision you’ll ever have to make because it’s freezing and snowed over with a temperature…       Related StoriesTubmarine Wood-Fired Hot TubFugu Geodesic Dome CabinsOregon Trail Is Now Available as a Handheld 

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