14 Piece Professional Bartender Kit | 28 oz Weighted Bottom Boston Shaker: Restaurant Quality Bar Set Includes Barware Supplies and Bartending Tools for Drink Mixing like a Pro | Deluxe Gift Packaging

Starting At $46.90
14 Piece Professional Bartending Set

-- 28 oz Boston Shaker Tin with Weighted Base
-- 16 oz Boston Shaker Cheater Tin with Weighted Base
-- Premium Hawthorne Strainer
-- Conical Strainer
-- 1.5 oz / 1 oz American Style Jigger
-- Professional Muddler
-- Cocktail Bar Spoon with Fork
-- Ice Tongs
-- 5 Liquor Bottle Pourers

Bonus) Premium Tube Packaging

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NÄU Zone is a Michigan based brand. The NÄU Zone Professional Boston Bartender kit includes the high quality bar tools you need to entertain your guests with a delicious variety of mixed drinks only limited by your imagination.

For the utmost peace of mind in choosing a high quality bartending set, get in the NÄU Zone, and buy the NÄU Zone 14 piece pro style Boston Shaker bar set now!

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