Bluetooth Headphones with Mic- Sports Earbuds - Sweat-proof Stereo Headset for Running, Workouts, Gym- Noise Reducing Wireless Headphone w/ Long Lasting Battery - Fits Samsung, iPhone, LG & More

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SH&SH STOREBLUETOOTH HEADPHONES HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD So you've got no excuse not to go running! Music and exercise go together like macaroni and cheese, so it means you must wear headphones when you're out running. The only trouble is, the cable dangling from your ears was annoying enough to drive you insane. Now you can wear stylish, comfortable Bluetooth earbuds that eliminate the need for a cable completely. If that wasn't enough, your brightly colored headphones will also last for your entire run unless you think you're Forest Gump and forget to stop.

Guaranteed you'll never miss a beat!

I know what you're thinking, but you don't need to worry. Even though they're Bluetooth headphones the quality of music you'll be listening to will be no different to regular headphones. Neither will the comfort you'll experience, because these slim and soft earbuds will fit so snugly you'll forget you're wearing them. Then there is the superior feature enabling you to answer phone calls at the touch of a button, and the great mic will let you have a huffy puffy conversation while you are dragging yourself towards the finish line.

These Bluetooth headphones are perfect for you because:

• The sound quality is enhanced even more due to the noise-reducing technology.

• They're lightweight, Sweat-proof, stylish, and fit in your ears perfectly.

• The rechargeable battery lasts for 4.5 hours and doesn't take long to charge back up.

• They can be used for exercise, traveling, gardening, cooking, and tons of other things.

• You'll have the ability to answer a call and talk without touching your phone.

If you're looking for the best Bluetooth headphones compatible with almost every device in the world, you won't find any as good as these for an absolute steal of a price. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

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