Suaoki Led Camping Backpacking Lantern Lamp Lights 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery Solar Panel or USB Port Powered Collapsible Waterproof Silicone Container Lightweight for Garden Camper Hiking Outdoor Kids Splashing Blue

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Charging Made Easy
Forgot your heavier flashlight and one use batteries at home. Our lantern can be charged via USB before you head out, or on the trail from one of Suaoki's portable power banks. And don't worry: we included a solar panel that lets you charge the battery while you're out during the day, meaning you don't have to waste time charging when it comes time to actually use it.

Worry-Free Travel
A lantern should be lightweight, portable, and durable, especially when you're out-there for the long haul. That's why we made the waterproof silicon casing collapsible and included a carrying/hanging handle, letting you shrink the lantern to half its length and attach it to your bag, backpack, or any other place. Plus, a removable top lets you store items such as keys, cards, and other valuables inside the lantern when it is expanded, keeping them safe and dry.

Diverse Usage Light Modes
What good is one flashlight and no options? Thanks to its high, low, and flashing LED modes, you can find the right option for any situation, whether it's for an emergency or for a light out-there in the dark. Expand the case and use the product as a lantern during outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, backpacking, and camping; collapse it and use it as a decorative or mood enhancing light; or simply take off the top and use it as a flashlight.

Product Specifications
Battery: Lithium Polymer 1000mAh/3.7V
Input Voltage: 500 mA, 5.0 V
Charge Port: USB to Magnetic Connector
Brightness (High/Low): 100/50 lm
Battery Life (High/Low/Flashing): 5/12/14 hr.
Full Charge Time: 3-6 hr.
Material: polypropylene + silicone
Size: 90x90x160 mm
Weight: 200g
Capacity: 737 ml

Package Contents
1x Lantern
1x USB to Magnet Cable
1x User Manual

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