Super Grout Additive

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Epoxy Bond is designed to repair grout cracks permanently and will outperform any other type of method/product! Never needs to be sealed and is 99% waterproof. Great for Shower Floors, Windows, Door Thresholds, Tub Surrounds and anywhere with grout cracking issues. Much more effective than caulk, pre-mixed grout, sealants and adhesives. Will not discolor or form fungus like caulk/silicone. Can be mixed with any color cement based grout for great color matching!

Makes 16 oz. - 20 oz. depending on final consistency

1. Make sure and clean area first with grout cleaner and rinse with water.
2. Scrape and remove any loose grout and caulk completely.
3. Vacuum area and make sure area is clean and dry.
4. Mix combined Hardener/Resin together for 1 minute.
5. Add 1.25-1.75 cup cement based grout for desired consistency.
6. Add mixed grout to syringe and apply to areas needing repair.
Tip: use more cement grout for vertical joints, less for horizontal joints.
Working Time: Approx 60 mins. Temp 78℉ more time for colder, less for hotter weather.
7. Spray area with clean water liberally over entire surface.
8. Use latex or vinyl gloves and smooth epoxy with finger.
9. Use warm bucket of clean water and wipe with micro fiber cloth.
10. Make sure all remaining residue has been removed and let sit.
Drying time before use: Wet Areas 3 days, Dry Areas 1 day.

Watch how to Mix and Apply on YouTube!
Demonstration Video on YouTube:

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